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Poems (some with discussions, some without)


Good Company (Baker)

Twice Fed (Bassett)
Tiger, Tiger (Blake)
To My Dear and Loving Husband (Bradstreet)
Mary and Gabriel (Brook)
Indwelling (Brown)
Aurora Leigh (Browning)

Father William (Carroll and Southey)

A Prayer in Darkness (Chesterton)
The Convert (Chesterton); more discussion here
Eternities (Chesterton)
Gold Leaves (Chesterton)

The Last Decalogue (Clough)
To a Fat Lady(Frances Cornford)
i thank you God for most this amazing (Cummings)


Partings (Dickinson)
I Shall Know Why (Dickinson)
Will There Really Be A Morning? (Dickinson)
Exultation (Dickinson)

Batter My Heart (Donne)
Death Be Not Proud (Donne)
La Corona (Donne)
All Our Scattered Leaves (Donne)

The Waste Land (Eliot)

Fire and Ice (Frost)
Acquainted with the Night (Frost)
My November Guest (Frost)
Fragmentary Blue (Frost)
Out, Out (Frost)

Resurrection (Hagedorn)
Holy, Holy, Holy (Heber)

The Pulley (Herbert)
I cannot make sense of your ways (Herbert)
Love III (Herbert)
Yet Take Thy Way ... (Herbert)

God's Grandeur (Hopkins)
Spring and Fall (Hopkins)
The Windhover (Hopkins)
As Kingfishers Catch Fire (Hopkins)
He Hath Abolished the Old Drought (Hopkins)

Victor Hugo
Mother O' Mine (Kipling)

No Beauty We Could Desire (Lewis)

The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls (Longfellow)
Loss and Gain (Longfellow)
A Psalm of Life (Longfellow)

A Prayer (MacDonald)
Love that Wilt Not Let Me Go (Matheson)
In Flanders Field (McRae)
Edna St. Vincent Millay

To A Lady Who Thinks She is 30, Old Men (Nash)

Annabel Lee (Poe)

Poetic Love and Peculiar Love (Raleigh and Marlowe)
Such is Time (Raleigh)

How Annandale Went Out (E.A. Robinson); Hint 1 ; Hint 2 ; Solution

Archibald and Isaac (E.A. Robinson)

Last Prayer (Rossetti)
My Gift (Rossetti)
Old and New (Rossetti)

Remembering (Sassoon)

The Dead Man (Sayers)

Prayer (Stevenson)
The Celestial Surgeon (Stevenson)

Leaves (Teasdale)

Crossing the Bar (Tennyson)

Death Shall Have No Dominion (Thomas)

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter (Tolkien)

A Pantheist Forgets the Pan (Whitman)
Preparation (Wilcox)
Nor Are Your Ways My Ways (Witt)
Saint Judas (Wright)

The Song of Wandering Aengus (Yeats)
The Stolen Child (Yeats)
Calvary (Yeats)