Human Relations
Love and Marriage
Promising and Predicting (Guy Mansini)
Choices (and The Devil Wears Prada)
McQuilkin on Choices
Lapses in Kindness (Willa Cather)
Keeping Vows (P.D. James)
Meals Were Nasty, British, and Short (Dalrymple)
Restraint (Dalrymple)
Critics (Fenelon)
Telling on Myself: Intolerance
Ugly Laws

Defining Morality
Can we judge an act by its consequences?
Sayers on Consequences
The Set of a Heart

Straight Talk
Ends and Means
You hate me!
Saying Names (Willa Cather)
Sticks and Stones
Promising (Guy Mansini): Promising and Predicting; Promising God; Waning Promises; What's in it for me?

Celebrities and Christians: Who Isn't Helping Enough?
Sallie Mae: Compassion
Fashion Statements

One Dad
You're Nobody til Somebody Loves You
Privacy: The Premise of Slavery
A Most Dangerous Film
If it was rape, why didn't she get an abortion?
Feder on Family
The Life You Save May Be Your Own
Accepting New Life, Displacing Nothingness
For Samuel and Josiah
Baby Survives Abortion; Mother Sues
The Right to Know
Gut Check

Making New Rules About Death
Terri Schiavo; more; more; Thirst ; Schiavo Isn't the Only One
We Will Die
Dehydration, Assault on Medical Ethics (Wesley J. Smith)
An Open Letter to My Wife (Mart Hartwig)

The Death Penalty
Thoughts On Executing Minors

The Strong and the Weak
Right Remembering
From Darwin to Hitler
Weeding Out the Weak
Michael J. Fox


The Right to Infect
If You Won't Listen to Jesus, Listen to the Lama

Pulitzer genes, no vote